“Maybe one day you’ll look at me and I’ll be all you need.

Maybe one day you’ll finally say all the things I have felt everyday.

Maybe one day you’ll see it’s crazy hard to be without me.

Maybe one day you’ll reach out for this and I’ll be there for you to kiss.

Maybe one day you’ll finally turn my fantasy into our reality.

Maybe one day doesn’t actually come and I’ll see that and actually be done.”

“Rinehart’s Poetry” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“Given the fact that you can be into someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in love with them. It could as easily be that an infatuation is occurring and you need to feed that craving. To satiate that hunger for that particular person in that space and time.”  – Ryan L. Rinehart

“Dance with me in kitchen while we’re cooking. Dance with me in the living room while we listen to music. Dance with me in the rain to the drumbeat of the raindrops. Because I don’t want to sit this one out, so dance with me right now. Let’s dance to the rhythm of two hearts beating, the cadence of love is worth repeating. Dance with me while we’re fishing and even if we miss em we both have a story to tell like all fishermen somehow. Dance with me while we say our vows, and dance with me our whole lives. Dance with me right now cause I don’t want to sit this one out.”

– Ryan L. Rinehart

“I don’t want to be touched by someone who doesn’t know how to feel, I don’t want to be kissed by someone who doesn’t know how to mean it, I don’t want to be in anything that’s simply ordinary. No, I want what has become the dream, to know another heart knows what it means to feel and mean all that is love.”
– Ryan L. Rinehart

“Sometimes sitting in solitude you are surrounded by several entities, thoughts, and feelings. The peace only comes when you can settle these things within yourself, which isn’t always easy or possible, but you must try nonetheless. Clarity, centering, or even just plain old relaxing is necessary for a healthy life. Learn to do this and you will find out yourself to be much happier.” “Clarity of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“Some people wish to be the painter while others wish to be the painting. Some people wish to be the poet while some wish to be the poem. Some people wish to be the singer while some wish to be the song. Some people wish to be the photographer while others wish to be the photo. Some people wish to be the writer while some wish to be the written. Some people wish to be the statue while some wish to be the sculptor. Some people wish to be be fighters while some wish to be worth the fight. Some people wish for peace while some wish to keep it didn’t mean going to war. Some people wish while some people are wishes who came true.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

“I don’t think she ever truly realized what she did to me so unintentionally, I was damaged just from knowing her, because I knew without a doubt that no one else would compare. I had been ruined for anyone else but her, I didn’t even know it until I tried going out, I was off somehow, I no longer needed or wanted to search. For all I ever wanted and knew I needed had been found.”
“The Last Affair of Hart”
by Ryan L. Rinehart

“Moments come and moments go, but being in them isn’t always fun, to be in them is to be real. That’s the important thing to remember, being real, some can’t handle it, other’s will thrive upon it. You only get moments spent back in remembrance, so how are you in your moments? Real, fake, disconnected, maybe that’s why you are happy, miserable, or in love. A moment isn’t a lifetime, but in your life you have many moments, make them count.” “Clarity of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“I had seen her in a painting

I heard her in a song
Is she why I’ve been waiting
It sure felt like it took to damn long
Cause I’ve got some lovin to do
She’s the right one and I’m not wrong
She’s the one and I know it’s true
I read about her in a poem
Dreamt about her in a dream
She’s a mystifying miracle
One that I thought could never be
In her eye’s I can see everything
Beyond picture perfect clarity
And the most amazing thing
Is that she loves me

Oh how I love her
So happy I found her
Life wouldn’t be as sweet without her
There’s no doubt about it, I was meant for her

It’s the point when a dream becomes your reality
It’s really a site to see
No longer all alone with her I’ve been found
In any city or every town I can find her all around
Just a kiss from her sweet lips
Is like tasting Heaven by taking sips
And I’ll do anything to be her everything
Because it’s the most amazing thing
Just a look from her eyes sends my soul in the skies
Its no surprise that she loves me like I love her
It’s luck like a four leaf clover, something I treasure

Oh how I love her
So happy I found her
Life wouldn’t be as sweet without her
There’s no doubt about it, I was meant for her

Oh how I love her.”

“Rinehart’s Poetry and Songs”
by Ryan L. Rinehart

“She needed to feel something other than the pain of suffering, the exhaustive hurting, she needed something to get her back to smiling. I could see it in her eyes and upon her stature, but I found her beautiful just the same, but who am I to stop the pain, she’s gotta heal before she can deal with the reality of what is real. Cause a kiss to early can lead to more heartache and I can wait for her to get back to a normal feel. All I can do now is be her friend,  and who knows if we will begin, but you gotta start before you can end.”
“The Mending of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“It wasn’t what she said or how she said it, it was those eyes that told me things she never would. Those eyes, so potent yet kind, so joyful yet caught in a bind, she was torn as to what to do, a battle ensued between her heart and mind. Except from her perspective they where both in tune to what she wanted and needed to do, it was of others that the line had been drawn, could she be brave enough to break through? It was a matter of choice, but each choice brings about actions and reactions and possible consequences, but that’s how life is, we all have to take our chances. Regrets are a hard thing to live with, knowing you did not try, you did indeed in fact compromise, none of us want that when it is our time to die. So as it was with the hardest of discretion I excused myself to another place, but I couldn’t escape her face, those eyes, they felt so deep, they captivated mine, I have lost my heart and now I am afraid I am losing my mind. All because it was the polite thing to do, to say hi how are you, now I know she has a built in ability to steal away things she wants when she sees, with those eyes, mesmerized and I am hers to do as she pleases, without actions, without words, without mercy.”
by Ryan L. Rinehart

“I’ll touch your heart and mind with my words, rest assured I can light your body and soul ablaze with a lovers passion. I will ignite a spark so bright the sun will be ashamed of its petty light. Seduction is an art and deep in the night I can create a masterpiece. I just need you to be the willing subject of my next work of art. I’ll pull you out of your hidden shell and reveal your inner passions to you. Love really has no mystery, it’s the adventure of what might be, could be, and will be. And it’s more fun if you’re a little naughty.”
– Ryan L. Rinehart