“Maybe one day you’ll look at me and I’ll be all you need.

Maybe one day you’ll finally say all the things I have felt everyday.

Maybe one day you’ll see it’s crazy hard to be without me.

Maybe one day you’ll reach out for this and I’ll be there for you to kiss.

Maybe one day you’ll finally turn my fantasy into our reality.

Maybe one day doesn’t actually come and I’ll see that and actually be done.”

“Rinehart’s Poetry” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“Given the fact that you can be into someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in love with them. It could as easily be that an infatuation is occurring and you need to feed that craving. To satiate that hunger for that particular person in that space and time.”  – Ryan L. Rinehart

“She sets me free, free to be me,
she’s encouraging,
she’s supporting,
she’s always what I need.
She’s the one reminder,
that I can do anything.
And I know she feels the same from me.

In her eyes, I see the love for me,
In her voice, I hear her soul call to me,
In her touch, I feel our meant to be.
Never felt this much belonging.

She’s got me out on the floor,
And I’m dancing.
We move in a rhythm,
And it’s uplifting.
It’s such a rush,
Like spinning around,
Not getting dizzy.

She sets me free, free to be me,
she’s encouraging,
she’s supporting,
she’s always what I need.
She’s the one reminder,
that I can do anything.
And I know she feels the same from me.

In her eyes, I see the love for me,
In her voice, I hear her soul call to me,
In her touch, I feel our meant to be.
Never felt this much belonging.

She’s the one,
She’s the only possibility.
Loving what I see,
When she looks at me.
We are meant to be.
She’s my every want,
My every need,
My every desire.
I am just a man on……..fire.

– Ryan L. Rinehart

“Being in the military to put into perspective with what leadership is, or as defined by my personal experience, you learn to lead without title or position, and other’s follow your example. Not everyone who had the title or position deserved it, nor could they lead effectively because of what it is to be an actual leader. A leader leads by affluence and acceptance. Even when their leadership isn’t clear, and they have to seem to be the bad guy, most know that there has to be a reason for the tough tasks or seemingly impossible demands. And they follow, out of respect, not because of the title or position, but simply because of who they are known to be. I appreciate everyone that ever followed my direction, those of whom I had the privilege to lead, they followed, and hopefully they took a piece of me and added it to themselves. That’s what it is to lead, the example of who to be.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

“Labels, damn, I remember the time there was a drive to get rid of these labels and now everyone wants one hanging over them like their own special sign, don’t they know that’s not unity, that’s how you divide. You wanna feel special, have someone say now there goes one damn good human being!
Stop trying to alter a reality perception based on mutual acceptance. Saying it’s not about bathrooms, got it, we know this, but it is about anatomy and public places within our society and as a society is a whole, we are saying, as anatomy is concerned, that a penis is boy, vagina is a girl, use the restrooms according to those.
No persecution, no judgment, you can feel like a whomever. Just defecate in the proper receptacles provided.
The liberals were the ones who believe they were the ones bullied and beaten, but they’ve forgot those who’ve stood up and stood by them all along. Now they’ve become the bully. Bullying society as they were once treated and they don’t see it. They don’t see the hate they spread or the hurt they are causing, even to those who have been by their side the whole time.
Now it goes with this society of two sides, the unreasonable who want oversite and goverment controlled interference in everyone’s life, but still, only if it’s in their interests only. I call these the delusional, radical, brain numbing liberal bullies. They are the cause of the biggest inequality in this country. They over react to situations, they place blame in and on thing’s as they see fit, yet if you disagree with their viewpoint, they as a group will attack you, which in all fairness, they say they are against doing, yet prove the opposite by being extremely violent.
Then there’s the second side of society, I like to call, the original school of thought folks. These people actually try to live the golden rule, yes they fail at it at times, but that gets a lesson learned from it, and they move on, mainly to do better. Not wanting judged or trying to judge. Just wanting to choose, have that choice, and living with the outcomes of their choices. Not wanting oversite and government controlled interference, mainly because they know the history of Dictatorships, and it’s never good for the people of that ailment.
So as it is, we need as a society, that can influence their leadership by rational means, with emotions in check, by allowing us, it’s people, to govern ourselves accordingly without limitations and labels, to be a free people once again, with our liberties, with our justice, for all. As it was written so long ago, in our foundation of this Republic, we call the United States of America.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

“It seems, as it is, obvious, but look again and you will find the opposite in competition vs. motivation.

Some people think to thrive, one needs uplifting support, the motivation to always be positive, an undying level of support and encouragement.

Really? Do we need that to succeed, do we need or even require that coddeling?

In my humblest outspoken opinion, I believe that competition breeds innovation, and that’s the truest form of motivation.

To be in competition with no one is not competing, to motivate someone without the use of competition will only lead to mediocre results more often than not.

All the greatest victories or results came from competitions, the race to achieve greatness, or excell against someone or something else.

So if you are of the mind that thinks competition breeds losers more often than winners, you are absolutely right, why would want to have the worst, when you can have the best?

Life is a competition, yes, you may not win in all the area’s of life, but the strive to do so, is the motivation. Not the coddled support of a fictitous web that in reality, are just all lies. Go for what’s real, what’s tangible, get in the game of life, go for the win.”

– Ryan L. Rinehart

“Words can be used as weapons, or used to make one grow. Words can give life meaning and express what it is you wish to show. Some say words are worthless and actions speak louder, but to me, words are always perfect, and the lies they hide behind are the actions shown. For actions is words put into motion, we think in words, then do whatever deeds we please. So it is not words that are worthless, it’s the people misusing and abusing them to a selfish means. Words were made to communicate emotions not easily conveyed or portrayed. They are the captured essence to ignite our lives.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

“To ensure that you can be happy with life, one must embrace all of the total sum of it. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, but most of all the love. Sometimes people just won’t embrace the love because they themselves feel or think themselves unworthy. That’s not a heart issue that’s a self image and mind issue. For love goes beyond fears and insecurities, it makes the daring dare, and doesn’t know how to quit. Loving some one can indeed be crazy if they are unsure of deserving such love and devotion. Give it time, for it can climb any mountain and cross any ocean, or when simply needed, it can stay put.”
“Clarity of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“Some people are not able to manifest their desires in such a way that they actual articulate and achieve them. I too, was once this way, believing that I had poured everything and did anything to have what I wished for. Like most, my efforts were lost in translation, a dialect deranged from all understanding. Until by chance, alignment came, and the cosmos spoke of purpose, like meteorites from the skies hitting the earth, my world rattled, and there she was. An angel born of trials and tribulations of her own bearing, a survivor, and her entire being beckoned my own. We manifested each other’s desires perfectly, even surpassing them to extreme fulfilment all the while in wonderment. Love was something I thought I had experience with, and now I am overjoyed, knowing all that came before, was just a shell, not close to what this is. Now my articulation is achieving my desires portrayed in touch, in thoughts, in deeds, in kiss, and in love.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

So as a humanist, you can’t just be on the sidelines and bitch about everything that’s wrong in the world and wish there was no war, your not a true humanist if you think that way. You’re a delusional loon if you think that way. A true humanist picks the side that is best suited for humanity, who seems to have the outlook and desire for humans to exell and prosper in a community of equality and exceptance and in a place for growth and change. So I ask you, if religion is such a place? Some are evolving, is Islam? I as humanist have looked at Islam and find no quality of life for equality for most people who live in America, who we’ve fought hard for equal rights. Sharia Law isn’t something that is for America. So as a humanist, you can’t defend Islam, you can’t stand on the sidelines and wish war wasn’t a thing, because it is a thing. As a humanist, you must know humanity and except that war is apart of being human and that there are things worth fighting for. Like the rights to be a free human being, free from terror, free from oppression, and possibly one day if ever possible, free from war. But it’s very doubtful. But we can wish. – Ryan L. Rinehart

“The thing is, you’ll never be to much of anything to someone who just can’t get enough of you. You’ll never be too over protective, too attached, too inquisitive, too grounded, too much of a dreamer, no, to the right some one, they’ll want all that and more.” “Affairs of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“Waiting for the right person is like waiting for fresh cookies to bake in the oven. Torturous but so worth the wait. To bad though the difference being you don’t know if the right person is actually getting ready to come to you. But in the mean time I guess grab a glass of milk and enjoy a fresh baked cookie.”
“Strait to Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart