Sometimes we lose that place in ourselves that was once filled with the magic and wonderment of life. A child sees magic in may things, yet as an adult we see the magic of children doing their thing. So I learned to let go, I had lived enough to know that I was no longer concerned with what was considered cool, I wanted to experience the creative. Sometimes it’s hard to do, being an adult isn’t the most fun thing to do, yet when looked from a point of view as from the heavens themselves, it’s awe inspiring. Here you and I are, going about our lives, much like ants in an ant hill, and even ants have a purpose to fulfill. I myself try to seek out the magic in the moments, to enjoy them as they are happening. If you feel like the world’s weight won’t allow you to find what I have found, then by all means let the stars collide and bring about a new era, a new world for you. Finding oneself isn’t about getting lost, it’s finding what you are willing to leave behind.

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