She was calling for me to come over after she had sent me away, I hated finding her in a pissy state during the day having lunch with her when I needed to be at work, but there she was all dismayed. I picked up the phone and quietly said hello, she was in tears apologizing, hearing her sob just killed my ears. She had just had been through the ringer when it came to relationships, even from her own family it was a deranged arrangement of function and form. So she asked me to tell her if it was okay, if we were good, and it always took me for surprise the amount of reassurance she needed from me about us. I said for her to go lay down in her bed and listen to my words.

I didn’t have but another hour of work till I was off for the day and said it was easily enough to talk with her while I finished up paperwork. So I had her lay down in her bed and close her eyes, I told her to just listen to my voice and envision the details I say. With eyes closed, hear your front door open, you know it’s me because the dog’s don’t bark, you hear me take off my shoes and make my way up the stairs to the upper level of the house. You hear my footsteps coming down the hall and I want you like I have never had you, like I need to punish and ravish you, I am entering the bedroom and you feel my hands slide over your legs and I tell you to not move. I undress you from the waist down, stroking and rubbing your legs and kissing them from ankle to thigh. I even tongue up to your belly button with nibbles heading down to taste you. I taste you and have you squirm moaning and arching up and down for a release, but I want you out of control. I want you ready to scream and beg to be taken. Her breath was deep and heavy on the other end of the line, she moaned and was saying please…please…in an under breath so sweet. She was beyond ready to be taken. And the paperwork could wait till the next day. I told her everything I just said was going to happen in the next twenty minutes and that I was on my way.

I pulled up into the driveway, I knew she was primed and ready, I took my time going in. I went up to the door, entered the house, closed the door and then took off my shoes. A lighting bolt sound was thrashing and crashing towards me in a naked blur. She needed me right there, right now, so over the banister she went and we tore it away from the wall. Up and all over the stairs, into the hall way, through the kitchen, out the back door onto the patio. To only go back inside, kitchen countertops once again, the kitchen floor and then back down the hall. Wall sex ensued, kissing and thrashing and grinding all the way to the bedroom. We were on fire, dripping from sweat, pumping, grinding and moaning. Then finally we laid spent on the bed. She was ecstatic, then suddenly set up and said I got to tell someone and grabbed her phone on the dresser and called her best friend. She screams it happened, oh my gosh, it happened, I finally had an orgasm. To only hear the squealing screams from her friend, then to say  bye I got to call my sister and then mom. I got up and went to take a shower, who follows me in, she does, to rave about everything to her family females. So to stop the antics I said to her, put up the phone and listen to what I am going to do to you tonight, click.

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