We all have been there, feeling torn, beaten down and broken, be it over a dream or with a lover, being a father or not, being a mother or not, or simply being not what we perceive ourselves to be or become. That’s the thing, no matter who we are, we love, we dream, even if we can’t, we all still sometimes sing. We love what and who we do, we wish for things and want things to always be good. That’s our world. For me though, I search for that true connection, that no question passion, that dream turned into reality. A Dreamer, a lover and that will always just simply be me. And this search has had me up as high as ever in love and nearly touched by the hands of death low.

It is time for me to shift focus on what my passion and love in life is, the doing of said passion and love, to prioritize that which makes me soar without another’s notice or choice. Am I giving up on the dream of love, no, not at all. I am just going to focus the most of my energy on what I want out of life rather than a love that’s my dream. And if you’re like me, feeling this urge or pull or call, start planning on it, don’t talk about it, plan it out, set dates, set the limits and don’t give up. The last step of the race isn’t over till stepped upon the finish line. And with that I say, love your dreams, dream about love, plan to get one by pursuing the other. Yes, dreams and love, what our worlds are made of.

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