Yes you, right there, the one reading this, the one who draws my attention, who makes me a man of passion and substance. I have to put this to paper, so you may hold onto my words for right now, and revisit them later. You have a class, a style that exudes the very essence that courts my own. My thoughts are never fully away from you, you’re like a gleam of light at the corner of my mind, always shining, always reminding me to look up, and when I do, I picture you.

My Lady, my love, my adoration is set in motion and to an accord in a fantastic rhythm that resounds the music in my heart, which beats a thud with perfect bass and full strings, a sound of a symphony could not compete.

As I live, as I dream, you’re the one, you are my reality. You are that fountain of inspiration and the sediment of my foundation , you are all the ties that bind me freely and in kind. It’s not just love, it’s adoration, it’s a fathomable contemplation. I know it seems what I am conveying is possible complication. And I will confess, I will admit, it would be easier to simply say I love you but that wouldn’t quiet justify or even qualify close to it.

My Lady, I could daily compose a letter, some kind of script, to let you know, my affection, my desires, and say the word and you shall have it.

Yours completely, yours entirely, and always.

Ryan Rinehart

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