Sometimes in life we put ourselves on pause, out of fear and the pain that was already caused in our lives. Why do we punish ourselves this way? I for one am tired of it all, the shutting down, the taking the time before we move on. Now, I know you need to get right to be right, all I am saying is why not move on faster, develop these skills and coping mechanisms that have you bounce back even harder. I am finally there in my life, I will give my all to someone, the minute they stop it from flowing is the minute it’s over. Think of it like this for every failed relationship, you’re that most closer to the one that will work. So here too am I, learning to say hello once again, except this time I healed faster. I searched myself, prioritized myself in goals, and taking the steps to achieve them. Now if I can do it, so can you, being a victim so to speak of multiple TBI’s, my brain isn’t what it used to be. But in a natural sense, my body and heart some how have learned to cope and deal with life. I never said it was easy, but damn sure possible. So as I am learning to say hello, you might as well say it back. Hello.

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