“When there are times you need to hear those words and they are not said, don’t worry yourself and be sad. For I have been there as well, since there will be times you need more then mere words to make you feel less like you’re in hell. It may not even be in need of any action taken but just the possibility of satisfaction. The unemotional moments that bring you to a frantic notion that something must be broken. All to well as it is just your heart drowning in its own ocean. Be as it may take this life day by day. The color may be stripped from your world but it will be okay for words will return and emotions will come back to stay. And when you need no words anymore looking in to your lover’s eyes, your heart will whisper all the things you need to hear and say all the things you need to say.

“Rinehart’s Poetry” by Ryan L. Rinehart

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