“You can hear it, if your bold enough to listen to what your heart whispers, what it is you need. Souls don’t always cry out, they shudder in pain, in shame, and they don’t know where to place the blame. So they get stuck in a lost feeling of echoed emptiness. No longer living boldly, no longer striving for success, just giving up on trying to impress, leaving them to feel bitter and feeling it coldly. Yet if they’d give pause to listen over the hurt, they could hear the beat to the music that resounds within their own heart. Thump, thu-thump, thumping away, screaming in accord saying you don’t have to live this way, you can stop this torment, and you can stop it today. Possibilities and priorities with principles that perpetuate a postive personal pragmatic approach to the problems one faces in this purgatory like life is a premium that you should be privy to. So listen to the whispers of the heart, they just might lead you to as close to perfection of a purpose filled life than you ever could postulate.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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