“It’s okay to make the first move and tell someone how you feel, so stop being afraid of rejection or a lost connection, stop feeling so engulfed and engaged in thoughts that are not even yours, and stop waisting your damn time. Because you’ll never know if the feelings are mutual or not unless you act. If you find they are then by all means drop all the things like social rules, forget everything about expectations and time, and all the games like playing hard to get. The entire planet is looking for what you have found by chance or accident. Embrace it and let go of all the rules, opinions, and even commen sense, let it all crumble to the ground so you and that love soar above the clouds. Because it’s love and it’s all yours for the giving and taking. So do the right thing, let it be known what is in your heart and soul so you might end up with everything.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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