“Standing there in an awkward moment not wanting to say goodbye I realized how incredibly fortunate I was to have someone in my life that it is making a horrendous pain in my heart to say goodbye. See there is a difference in letting go and saying goodbye. Letting go is – I’ll miss your hand but I realized it’s not mine to hold and sadly I will never do that again. Goodbye is – I’ll see you again when I am ready to hold your hand. So as we embraced in that goodbye hug my ill feelings of sadness departed and I smiled for she once again had her arms around me. I got to breathe her in one last time before me meet again. If love does indeed grow with distance then I am going to need a few more hearts because the one I have is already full with love for her. It’s not letting go, it’s not a true goodbye, it’s definitely a I love you and want you in my life.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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