“When it comes to the woman you’re interested in or in love with there are things that a man as a gentleman should do. One must truly learn her in all of her ways. You’ve got to learn why it is she is silent at times.  You’ve got to write to her and express your affections. You’ve got to show her and remind her of who you are. You’ve got to know her weaknesses but not to exploit them but help to turn them into strengths. You’ve got to know how long it takes for her to want to give up so you can be there before she does.  You’ve got to love her for who she is and not what you want her to be. Other’s have tried to love her and failed miserably. All she really wants to know is if she truly can be loved, to be worthy of being loved, so much so to the point she needs to know she is worthy of being kept and not simply let go. As others before you have done so. You as a man, as a gentleman, you must do all the mentioned above for your lady, for this is how you will keep her. This is how to love her. This is way to be together. True love truly never ends but it’s like life itself, you must attend to it for it to remain healthy and full of its color and vibe.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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