“I learned that even though you’re in pieces that you can find a glimmer or glimpse of peace in each and every shard and fractured bit that you’re in. The same goes for love. Love is everywhere, You can’t have pain or hate without love, you can’t have loneliness without having love first, really though, it’s the absence of love that you’re actually missing. See that’s the problem with the world today, people have fallen in love with thing’s, not people, they have put hope into jobs and not dreams, we’ve lost that spirit. That connection, the love….but it’s there…still in our reach, it’s in that heart of ours, I see it in our eyes, it is there always waiting for the moment it is needed. It comes out in moments of kindness, little bits of love, because love has all sorts of bits and pieces that makes up its entirety. Laughter, it’s bits of love. That smile you just did…. bits of love, and so forth. We just need the chunks of it, but bits and pieces of peace and love, well if that’s what we can get, then I know I will smile right back and return more so in any and all directions that I can.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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