“She wants the one she has the toughest time holding onto, but if she’d just let him go then she’ll see what her world could be. She doesn’t need a night in shining armor or a weekend fling, she needs some one to ground her in reality, in everything. She’s worth more than she knows and she’s worth getting to know, she’s just gotta find the way to let go. She’s all in frustration and hesitation with her situation but if she’d focus on life she’d find her illumination. I’d give her a shot, I’d give her heart a try, and I’d be her man not some idiot shitty guy. Just I am easy to love and easier to hold if I find you worthy of my love so bold. She’s caught up in the sadness of loves betrayal and heartache right now. Hopefully she wakes up with the thought of moving on and leaving him behind with me standing ready to make her say wow, now this is love.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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