“She wants to be somebody’s baby, but the way she lives her life makes her look crazy, if she’d only realize to get what she truly wants she just has to be a lady. So many women are caught up with trying to be the bad bitch of everything and most of us guys find it exhausting to deal with it and all the suffering. If she’d drop all the fronting and be real with herself and everyone, her beauty would shine and love would be forthcoming. But she’s lost in her torment which leads to discouragement beckoning bereavement of a life not fully lived, love not fully spent. Even in her doom, something still calls to me, stirs inside of me, screaming to whisper all these things she needs to hear somebody say. Because to me, She is the wind around me and the air that fills my lungs keeping me alive. She is the music in the song that beats inside my heart. She is the ground under my feet keeping me standing. She is the strength I lean on when the weakness comes. She is the everything in the anything that I could want in a need. She is the unreasonable reason I think inside of me, how could this be? The love I have is so blatantly! How could we ever be anything but what is meant to be? She is the one I want to call my baby.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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