“I once wrote about you, every letter, every word, every structured sentence seemed to flow from my heart unto the page as if it had been predestined or somehow prestaged. The one that I loved in you is lost in that time of when I knew you. It’s all different now, it’s not that my feelings are through it’s just you are not the you I fell for, who I adored, that connection that the stars seemed to have drew. On another page I have gone onto, the ink there is fresh and brand new. Never knowing what it could have been is a waist of my mind and all my time so I focus on the future, I have hope, I have desires, after all I am the romantic kind. You see, I didn’t need her, I didn’t need anyone, but I did want to be loved. I truly feel that being needed is too great a burden for anyone. But giving love willingly, now that’s the special something for everyone. I don’t need to be needed either, but I do know what is love and all it’s fire. One must see the difference in a need, a want and what is love before you can realize it’s a relationship you can be sure of. I loved her yes but i didn’t need her and sometimes even love will leave your life a mess. At least it was love and not a wanting needing desiring fling of infatuation leading to suffering. No it was indeed love, that’s why it doesn’t hurt so much, and now my heart waits for a chance again, love happens, this much I am sure of.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart


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