“The sad thing about Life and Love is that when you know you have found that special someone that touches your heart and soul in such ways that no one has ever. that lights you up and makes you soar higher than ever, and that person gave the same reciprication on all the same levels, just to say that it’s over. Then to say ok back on, then it’s over, then back on, so when it’s finally over you just crave what you had so badly. I didn’t want to get over her at all, I didn’t want to move on, but there are to many pieces of my heart on the floor for me to ignore now, there is no spot for me to move forward with out getting a cut. So I must grab a broom and start sweeping it up. It’s a fine dust, but it’s sharp and fine and can easily slice to the bone, possibly through the bone so I must handle it with care. Once swept up it will go into a jar and on a shelf. My jar of heart. Safely kept there. Possibly one day I will be able to reassemble and realign this heart and have it come fully alive. From refined particles this time, harden, and solidified. Every second, every hour is a losing battle of lost time and every heartbeat is wasting love. As I will forge a new way, remember the heart beats much like a clock ticks, just seconds in time, and in the moment of one heart beat a life can be changed forever. Mind your moments, carefully choose what or who is worthy of your love, then those seconds can last a lifetime, however long that is in heart beats.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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