“When I have loved, I was in it, engulfed, steadfast, for everything it entailed, not just the beautiful pieces and joys of it, no, I was willing to endure the pain and sacrifice myself and anything else that I could. So why did those love affairs end, was it me, was it them, can it be wrapped up in some neat little quip? No, it’s not neat, or a fun filled quote, a cute little note, rather a bloody torn teary path of pain. Sometimes I hear from or get a glance from a past love, some by accident and some intentional, and I just wish them well. My scars are mine, my experience gained is with me for all time. I don’t look to hurt and no longer search for love, my sights are set on my life and I am getting better joys out of being single and free then I ever did searching for someone to love me.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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