“It’s in my words that you’ll find me, but to love me is altogether a different story. I mean what I say and have respects about me that I don’t break for anyone. My actions don’t go into affect until I know it’s wanted and warranted. You can call it holding back but I like to error on the side of caution when it comes to love. Once in love though it once again is a different story, that’s when you get the bold and daring from me. When I start to do all the little things that you never expected. So hear my words and if you feel yourself in tune with me let me know so that I may act upon the dialog with something more tangible, more physical, more meaningful. I don’t want to be your Friday and Saturday nights if I can’t be your weekday morning. So don’t fuck with my feelings cause this is your early storm warning. I am not gonna put up with fakers and heart breakers and the attention seekers. Stay out of the game, cause you’re not ready to really play, keep your ass in the bleachers. You should be true not only to you but to everyone else in your world, so there’s something for you to think about, something that you should do. Fuck you if you think that I have an attitude, it’s you who are rude, having false bravado and lying through and through. A protective mind of a kind heart is nothing new, it’s one that’s fed up and doesn’t have time to screw with you. For I have worlds to give, and until I find the right one, leave me to my solitary.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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