“She seemed a little done with everything, tired of the broken dream, wanting someone to actually mean something, instead of being the one that someone starts forgetting. I wanted to say more than my usual hello and how was everything, but I too had had enough of the suffering, maybe it will be soon that we both just give each other an offering. A movie or dinner, a road trip to the city, or possibly do some fishing, or take off and go mudding. Only time will tell if things will possibly go well. I know I do want to know more about her, I would like to get more of the details, but from her and no one else. I myself would answer anything she asked me too, and I wouldn’t lie because I like the truth. So again I will say hello and how’s everything once again at our next meeting, but inside I know what I am truly thinking, and I won’t know unless I do the asking.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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