“I see her for who and what she is, every detail doesn’t escape me about her. She is amazingly beautiful inside and out. Best of all I know how to read her. I understand her. I possibly may love her in the future but right now she has to deal with things in her life, she’s gotta make things right for herself, she’s gotta get through the strife. And I am not to far to catch her if she where to fall. So carefully I watch and wait, and she doesn’t even know it, and to me that is just great, for I fear she would hesitate and not move beyond her place she is currently in life. She needs to feel something other than the pain of suffering, the exhaustive hurting, she needs something to get her back to smiling. I could see it in her eyes and upon her stature, but I found her beautiful just the same, but who am I to stop the pain, she’s gotta heal before she can deal with the reality of what is real. Cause a kiss to early can lead to more heartache and I can wait for her to get back to a normal feel. All I can do now is be her friend,¬† and who knows if we will begin, but you gotta start before you can end.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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