“Sometimes the choices we have in life are actually easy. We just complicate them with what we perceive to be noble intentions. I too have a stubborn streak to not give up. Play me in chess or checkers or most war strategy games and you will see. But with real matters I like to help out. Sometimes though you can only do so much until you are the one that’s also going to need someone else to help pull you up. These are the toughest times in our lives. Do you just give up and let go? Nope, not in a million years, but realize they may need help beyond your hands. So at best refer or help find help so you can be the best for you and yours, it will never be easy. That’s the point, if it was easy for some of us to ask for help all the time we would never accomplish anything on our own. Tough doesn’t get tough without going through and surviving battles. Strength doesn’t get stronger unless it is exercised and used. Yet we all can get worn out at times and need that recovery time to. So it’s not a weakness or anything else considered less than human if you just need help sometimes. Get it. Ask for it. You’re so much stronger than anyone that doesn’t ask for it.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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