“I dreamt of dancing in my living room with her around midnight. Slow dancing around the room in candlelight. Feeling her pulse race, as well as mine, breathing in the moment of it’s just so right. My lips carressing her neck ever so slightly without kissing. Feeling the chills rush through her and seeing that look in her eyes of stop messing. But the smile on her face tells a different story, a hunger for more, wanting my lips to keep exploring. My hands move in to pull her closer, I kiss from her shoulder along her collar bone, I pause for her to breath and slowly kiss up her neck, feeling her body yearning, her hips slightly churning, her touch change from soft and gentle to strongly holding and grabbing. I look her in her eyes as she’s biting her lip in anticipation, I lean in to meet her lips in that heated up kiss, I wasn’t about to keep her waiting. What started out as dancing turned into two hearts melting, passions embraced, bodies united in the moments until early mornings grace.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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