“I was never broken or bent, it was always what I had been taught to think and feel in any and all of life’s events. It truly is how you allow yourself to be, either sad, hurt, happy, or lonely. So the better perspectives prepared me for all of life’s expected unexpectives. Sever the severity of the ideologies and get to thinking about your possible impossibilities. Be free to think freely and feel what should be naturally. Sure it will be challenging, but so is  suffering from who you’re not but supposed to be. A thousand times I could have walked away, but there was a million times that made me stay. Counting out the minutes would be a waste of some good time. So if you can find time to make time, let’s spend some moments getting this right, this time. I am not trying to change each other’s mind, no, just thinking we should do a rewind, see if we remember what it was to shine. Be the reasons to give it one more try, you’ll still have your alibi, oh forget it, fuck off, goodbye. Don’t worry about it, all the above was a lie, now it’s your turn to cry.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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