“You’ll find in me, the warmest heart and the softest of touch for a guy left out in the cold and scars upon his hands. I have been through everything yet still believe in loves possibility and I keep that in mind, so I am open for anything. Not open for everyone, just ready for that certain someone, the one to love, one who has meaning. Don’t come at me with the bad bitch mentality, no one wants all that in their reality. Be open and honest with the traits of a real lady, that’s what gets to me. That’s how to get close to me, but be the true you or you’re just another waste of time and you won’t mean a thing to me. Just another reason to be careful, find the lesson learned, and leave me alone if you don’t know the meaning of faithful. As much as I know how to love, I too can hate and wish aweful things for you and leave it up to fate. If you need to be something, be a good something, don’t settle on being nothing, or the worse kind of human, a user with the heart of a demon. I have said what I needed to say, if you’re looking for a little while don’t drive in my direction, I don’t need perfection, just stead fast dedication.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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