“I am the type of guy who just lives life, if you can’t handle honest feelings and dancing in the rain, bonfires with friends, fishing at 3 am, or at times relaxing watching a movie, then you’re not meant for me. So what!, if it seems I say the right things, it’s not a game, it comes from within me. So what!, If I can anticipate doing things for you that you love but never asked me to. I do enjoy knowledge and all it brings, and the picture you’re painting of me is some smooth talking guy chasing all the ladies. It never is all that it seems, kindness isn’t flirting, and maybe you just haven’t met someone so gentlemanly. I have many talents and interest to keep myself busy, and I am not so uptight to say you’re lucky enough to have made my acquaintance, but even a guy only has so much patience. I am not a puzzle to piece together as I have put myself together, all you need to do is know that if I say that I am interested, it’s with you and only you.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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