“Sometimes in our lives we find ourselves just living and trying to be happy, why there are others that may not want you to be happy, that is beyond me. All I wish is for anyone to find love and live life: To find that connection that goes beyond words and understanding. The mere site brings sensations of joy and pleasure of having that person there and in your presence. And the ignition of passion from skin to skin contact happens and it is just so explosive that you cannot resist touching more and more. When the kiss sends echo’s deep into your soul and resounds back with a seductive yes. Being together is not any kind of work; it is a must, a craving, something that needs satisfaction in your being and theirs.  And you should not have to chase it or make radical changes for it. You should be yourself and they should be true to their self. That is what I would want for everyone. And the only reason we don’t find this is sometimes we are the ones that cause our own pain in our lives due to various reasons why, most of them to a person outside your own life would probably laugh and say well there’s you problem you’re being a complete idiot with this, if you’re happy then go with it no matter what anyone else says or thinks, matters of the heart are complicated indeed and are not simply an easily understood item outside any relationship. No matter how candid you think you’re being, nothing can convey what your heart, soul and mind truly feels and thinks. But as for me, as I am right now, It’s in those moments between our memories where you’ll find me, not really back there, not really here, but lost somewhere, somewhere fading off into eternity. At least that’s what my heart seems to wish, hopefully my mind doesn’t give in to the anguish, or my soul darkens, but for the love I have for her I would do anything on the list. As a man in his ways of being a gentleman can put himself aside for the woman he loves to let her see the world herself and in it herself find. I made clear my love intentions and clearly given her all my attention, I have seeked and sought, wrote and thought, communicated in every way one could mention. Now it’s between moments of our memories I have chosen to live or fade away and rot.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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