“Sometimes people only perceive what seems to be love and fall in it helplessly. Only to find out it wasn’t love but a mere image of loves fallacy. Hearts get cluttered and filled in confusion so intricately and to clear it, pain must be applied harshly. That’s why no real and true love ends abruptly, in its own way love works subtly, but many need it to be rushed and evolved quickly, then wonder why it ended and all involved feel sickly. To me love is like language, you got to learn your ABC’s to form a word then words to a sentence in order to engage dialog between two people or two hearts and finally together write a paragraph that leads to a chapter, but by then you’ve come very far from the start. Today, most skip the basics and end up with an ending they swear they didn’t forsee, but if they took their time to read, they’d know in the foreshadowing, you have to take the journey, no one skips to a happy ending.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

One thought on “False Starts to Happy Endings

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