“The artistry she was creating upon my heart would ultimately be devastating. That’s the way it sometimes goes I suppose. Though I enjoyed every beautiful moment it would end up as one more scar upon my heart as another monument. What’s life worth if not living it? Soon enough after awhile another one will come along and have me in wonderment. Once again learning not to rush to any judgment but give a little trust in her because she wasn’t any of the ladies who had cut deeply and laid bare that of which is my hearts design. Chance and risk is the game of gambling to bet on to be happy, all to commonly though, it leaves you beaten, broken, and usually very sadly, that’s why you got to be smart, driven, to be boldly and want it badly. As she creatively touched my life with her essence, I found the beauty in her absence, I no longer need half assed anything in my presence.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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