“Seduction of the visual senses is easily learned by the beautiful or confident and that is purely an imitation. Real seduction is of the mind and all that one hides behind, to get to the passions you got to unlock the intellect, to get the inhibitions to unbind. The true depths of connections are not upon the flesh, no, they are much more than skin deep, they are where you truly reside, beyond bone, only found in ones mind. That’s where it is, where love truly abides, how people love each other, how they get it right for thier lifetime. When two souls seduce one another and are purly in the pursuit of passion for the connection between each other, they’ll find no longer a want, a need or a desire for any other. For the most part I think that being in someone’s arms is awesome yet not the greatest thing, no it’s not even close, for to be in someone’s heart and thoughts is much closer in appreciation and connection than any physical thing could possibly be, that’s where the seduction begins. However, once that close the touch can cause energy much like electricity and such reactions to be paired and exchanged in ecstacy for further fulfillment. So it would be in the arms of someone you love and who loves you would be to me the place to find yourself, the greatest place to be. Then you get to be in their hearts, arms, and thoughts, much like a trinity.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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