“It was in a deluge of indifference that I found myself in when it came to her. Moments would come when I wanted to drop everything and do anything for her but then I would remember that to her I was actually nothing. Even though in the depths of my heart there was something. I realized though it was a one way feeling that I was dealing with and I needed to conceal it so I could get to healing. The focus she once had from me she may never miss, and that’s ok, there’ll be another deserving my all, getting my kiss. Now I see it wasn’t really her I was in love with, but the resemblance of my fantasy, and now moving on, I can see just what might be. Not to many women could handle all that I am, I am not that guy who needs to be fixed in some way or saved in some manner, no, I’ve got myself straight and good to go. But so many girls seemed to need to be the one to save or fix or help a guy, well go ahead and chase a broken boy then, cause real men are gentleman who have overcome themselves and their weaknesses within. I would rather be alone in my strength then with someone in need of a life all deranged.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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