I love the rain, a good storm, cleansing and seductive, like how a pure relationship should be. The rain and stormy weather once was thought to be the wrath of the gods, is to us the everyday hum drum. So in that transition we kind of lost a certain spice of life. Without that passion, the connection of forces, and I for one believe most are only existing. So I emplore you to be bold, stoke the flame of living life, but also as a good person. Having passion isn’t about drama, it isn’t about many lovers or addictions. No, passion for and in your life should be about the people and things that really connect deeply. Like the slow drops of rain cascading down, touching everything, to the pulse pounding thunder, you will have a better life. Many may fall to the side because they love the mundane, don’t let it get you down. The sun shines when the storms over, but both are needed to grow everything. I will always put the passion in everything I do; love, art, friendships, even when my wrath is called upon to be used. That’s when the storm becomes a Hurricane. Like rain upon the grass, the ink has it the page. Come on storm, let’s see your rage.

– Ryan L. Rinehart

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