“I can picture her just sitting there reading one of my text’s, possibly blushing but smiling while her eyes light up as she reads every word. I wonder if she let’s a out a sigh or grips her thigh with her other hand, pausing to take it all in. A moment I like to think of, a moment I would love to capture. To paint such a perfect reflection in time of passion. Maybe it’s the romantic fool that’s locked away in my heart knocking away at every beat, but I can’t help but daydream about her and think of her, she’s never far from my thoughts. Either way whether in my mind or upon canvas, she’s at the other end of the line, responding, reciprocating and being real. I long to be hers, and hers alone, to have her as my own, to divide this distance, to put down the phone. She hears the brush stokes upon canvas and asks me what am I working on, and I say, something that’s picturesque passion to hang in my home.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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