“It was in the ocean depths of her eyes that dared me to sail towards her. To me she just glowed radiance, it was as if the sun even dimmed in her presence. That was just her outer beauty, what lies within was something I was willing to risk and explore, to find out if it was much more than any man could ask for, to see if she had a heart that’s pure and a will to endure, that she should have edification in paintings and sculpture. More so to my point, I know that what might happen to me, it’s not a curse or a spell, or a wish made down a wishing well, it’s something that I thought would never happen again as far as I could tell. It was that sickness which strickens the heart and mind of loves intentions, so hard to understand and harder to mention. I find it difficult to sail away from her, dropping anchor seems like the only cure, here goes everything, white flag up, yes woman, all I can do is surrender.”
by Ryan L. Rinehart

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