“Some people look into the mirror every day and see the people they might have become, I look and see the potential and guide it daily, never ashamed of my losses or mistakes, you can’t live backwards, so move forwards with a direction bent on the betterment if you. Sure these are well themed words placed so intricately that it would make one believe it an easy task. Not so. You have to go through the heartaches of hell and get back up with a smile and ask for more. Even at times you’re all alone. Some say hard times make harden hearts and hard people, I say they lost the challenge by allowing themselves to be changed. So I challenge you all now my friends to look each day in the mirror and see your potential and take any step in that direction. Share my words with friends and family. Challenge all those you love and those you don’t. A better human being is beneficial to all mankind.”
– Ryan L. Rinehart

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