“I feel that like most of the time that a person can be much like a book in that they too can invite pain, misery, joy and love, happiness and sadness and that is their destiny to do so. Since they are the author’s of their life, if they chose to do so. And I do try to write in my own life my wants and needs, but sometimes, it’s that very search that leaves one empty. I know how to love loudly and I know how to love quietly, I know how to love completely but I don’t know how to love slightly. The way one reads a book, you’ve got to start at the beginning, go on the journey to learn to love it deeply so you’ll stay to the end. And that’s all my problems with love my friends, I never fear to read what’s there, but many have had hidden chapters they wished not to bare, causing heartache that turns my feelings into I don’t care. If only one day I find a girl whose story merges into mine and together make a new story, one of a lifetime. Well then that will be the greatest unwritten story of my life, for I will be to busy with her to put pen to paper, and all I can do is wish. In every heartbeat there’s time for a wish, in every well instead of penny’s I will throw a dime, and in everything I do I am sending out the vibe.”
“For the Love of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

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