“Only the mind can put itself back in place, the same goes for the heart, now when it comes to the soul, well that takes a higher power to restore no matter what your belief system is. Most veterans have been witnessed to these truths. Most veterans have a bruised soul, then there are the ones with fractured hearts and worse yet those with shattered minds. That’s why with us that served the saying of “leave no man behind” is so important. Just because they maybe here at home in the states doesn’t mean that the person has made it home. We as a nation owe our veterans a piece of our own heart, time from your mind, and for us to do some soul searching for the betterment of all mankind. So do what every man and woman who has served or is serving a favor, take your own oath to protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We stepped up for you, now stand with us. We are or were your first line of defense, the second lies with the police officers, and we need to stand for justice, we need to stop the nonsense, all this strife, what is it good for? We can’t be a nation at war with each other and scream for civility, justice, and harmony. Every soldier and sailor knows discrimination at all levels and kinds, yet when asked if they’d give thier lives for yours, they smile and nod and say yes every time. No body is perfect, no matter the uniform, yet to serve in a system that has now made the criminal or terrorist out to be a hero of sorts, well maybe it’s not the veteran whose soul is bruised, whose heart is fractured, whose mind is shattered. Maybe, just maybe, it is society that’s truly disturbed.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

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