“As she stood there unaware of the walls she was bringing down within me, I wanted to warn her, for she had learned all the hard parts of my life, even things that I would never forgive myself for, yet she was still there beside me. She still needed to be warned though, she needed to know, it’s not the hard spots about me that’ll get to you and cut you deeply in the depths of feeling, no it’s my soft spots I have even after all the hell I have been through. Those things about me will tear at your heart strings, the things I have to do because I am compelled to do them. I have one of the hardest minds paired with the softest heart. Yet she was peeling back the layers bit by bit, and soon she’d see, soon she’d be too late, soon she’d be in love with me, but I have to warn her about her fate. I have spent years getting the balance of these two sides equally matched, she’s only experienced half of the whole picture, other’s had been to this point, only to find themselves getting left behind or unwilling to risk and invest the time. Crossroads in life, journeys to be chose, most want the easy path, sure you can enjoy the scene, but to be in it, a part of it, that’s were it is, that gives life it’s meaning. Soon she’ll have to decide which path is hers, and if it’s with mine.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

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