“You’ve got to kiss her before your lips reach hers, in your movement, in your smile, in the gaze of your eyes, you should transmit the intent so she knows you realize that it’s only her who will ever satisfy you. You’ve got to surround her with your mind before you take her in your arms, hugged from within so she knows that to you she is a win. For a man to love a woman, it’s something of a damaging transition, to go from nothing to all that feeling, it is indeed a journey to prepare for. Once love has hit you, beaten you bloody, for bad or worse or great and better, when you find her, none of that matters. A man should reach his woman before in her presence, before you touch her, tantalize her, passion is a noble pursuit, use it to love her, keep her, and pursue her.”

“Affairs of Hart”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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