“The thing about my hands and fingertips,….they were made for more than writing, fighting, and painting. They were meant to be used along with my heart to touch another with understanding and loves passion. To let the strength in them boldly soften upon the caress of the one that holds my heart, to show her that here in these hands she is safe and very much loved.
The thing about love is……it can be the hardest wished for and wanted item in ones life. One has to keep waiting and hoping though. I have had glimpses of what I have wanted, thought I held that most sought out for kind of love, well you learn from it. Knowing it’s out there brings a smile and frustration.
The thing about waiting is….it may seem like it takes forever, but once the wait is over, you’re only waiting to start loving them again tomorrow.”
“Hart’s Heart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

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