“Some people are not able to manifest their desires in such a way that they actual articulate and achieve them. I too, was once this way, believing that I had poured everything and did anything to have what I wished for. Like most, my efforts were lost in translation, a dialect deranged from all understanding. Until by chance, alignment came, and the cosmos spoke of purpose, like meteorites from the skies hitting the earth, my world rattled, and there she was. An angel born of trials and tribulations of her own bearing, a survivor, and her entire being beckoned my own. We manifested each other’s desires perfectly, even surpassing them to extreme fulfilment all the while in wonderment. Love was something I thought I had experience with, and now I am overjoyed, knowing all that came before, was just a shell, not close to what this is. Now my articulation is achieving my desires portrayed in touch, in thoughts, in deeds, in kiss, and in love.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

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