“There seems to be a problem with the understanding of what entails all that being a man is today. With the skewed notion that some how all men, or the majority of men are chauvinistic pig’s. Even more so that being masculine in today’s world means being all the mentioned above. However, the true definition of being masculine is having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness. While this seems to some as overbearing and dominate, it is actually being a stand up guy. Being responsible, having manners, being a protector, understanding the role of what being a gentleman is, and to top it a off, having the audacity to uphold a belief system based on such ideology. This doesn’t take away from women, it adds to them, as the male and female can empower and strengthen one another. We will never solve the problem with bad behavior on both sides of the sexes, however as roles get blurred, as lines get erased, as a section of society pushes for a gender neutrality, true identies are getting lost. We will always have human issues, we will always have different views, trying to conform to a state of sameness will just lead to more arduous behavior. This isn’t about who you love, or who you desire, or by sexual preference. It is about the role and identity of a decent human being that is a male. The distinction between what is masculine and feminine is a truth we all see, yet the masculine role is being viewed as inherently evil. Which is such a false and misleading and destructive connotation.
Since masculinity¬†is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles associated with boys and men, we need this murdering ideal of neutrality stopped and replaced by an empowering message. One that speaks volumes of what it actually takes to be a man. The traditional avenues for men to gain honor were providing for their families and exercising leadership, which still is a core necessity for any human to have, yet regardless of age or nationality, men more frequently rank good health, a harmonious family life and a good relationship with their spouse or partner as important to their quality of life. Not these bad examples we all are hearing as of late, the Hollywood corruption, along with the politicians scandals, these are all the opposite of being an actual man. So empower your son’s, brother’s, father’s, and friends, to be the example of what it is to be a man. There shouldn’t be any thing but a good man as an example for the rest of us men to look up to. And we shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of our male identity, or to argue or fight over the fact that some people view being male as with everything it seems today as the problem in our society. It’s the opposite, we need the true identity of what it is to be a man to re-merge. The protector, the gentleman, the example and empowerment of what a good human being is supposed to emulate.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

“Absolutes are never real, however, nothing is worth it if it isn’t making you happy. So get busy and focus on your own success and say to hell with the rest, cause you’ve got living to do and time doesn’t wait for nobody.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

“When someone wants you to fight for them but they themselves refuse to go the rounds, what does one do? Let the bell ring and the victory be called. There is no clear winner, just a split decision, so in reality, there is no winner at all. So it’s just another day to get back to the gym and train, live to fight another day.” “The Mending of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“She’s that silent whisper inside an echo, ricocheting throughout my heartbeats, as if like my blood she’s there to heal me and make me stronger with her love. Like when you breathe, you don’t have to put thought to it, she is always there on my mind, in my thoughts, she fills me up completely.” “The Last Affair of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“I want you to feel my presence without knowing I am there, you’ll just know somehow your heart will twinge or you’ll quiver and know I am close by. And I want the same feeling from you. Love’s powerful that way and has abilities like no other attribute in the world, it’s a wonder all on its own. You call it a fairytale, I call it love as it should be without limitation.”
“Affairs of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“From letting you go, I feel like I have given up on a dream, something that I sought for, fought for, only to lose everything. All it took was nothing short of infinity in pain. Searching within I know that I will find myself again. I have stood in times of devastation, knocked down just to get back up again. Resilience must be in my blood. For every dream there is a nightmare, for every hurt there is a care” “Reflections of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“The thing is, that storms don’t last forever, hell some only last a few minutes let alone a few hours, so why chase the hurricane, the tornadoes, or the little rain showers? We all need a little rain, but what we really want is a cool breeze on a warm sun shiny day. That’s the happiness, like the beach, the field of grass, the lake, all ready to enjoy instead of suffering through. You’ll find people in your life much the same way. Find the one who will weather the storm but are themselves the day you look forward to.” “Clarity of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“I felt the hurt well up in me like a darkness, at first it was a light misty fog that was pulsating with every beat of my heart. That bloom bloom sound echoing from my core made the misty fog swirl like a pack of darkly colored wild birds back and forth inside my depths. I couldn’t fight back the torment, the floodgates had burst open revealing the bitter waters of tainted love. Soon the misty fog had developed into the darkest thickness of any fog you could imagen. Lost in the darkness you only find you get hurt even more, no longer was there an echoing bloom bloom sound of a heartbeat, it had intensified and was all around. Encaged and engulfed into a reverberation of darkness that was the loudest silence you’ll ever hear and feel.” “Affairs of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“There’s an underbelly of disastrous intent in our lives, to try to make one seemingly not male or female but somehow without difference or detail as which is which or who is what. This will only lead to painful confusion and more suicides, because your inner identity will struggle with a forced and coerced image of what to be by a liberal society. Boys cannot learn to be men without an identity of what it is to be one, same coin but different side, girls cannot learn to be women without an identity of what one is. To generalize and set aside the unique qualities of what each of these identities has to offer is a complete disastrous and malicious destruction of a much needed social construct of true reality. Yes, there are bad examples of being a man or a woman in our society, but that’s what they are, bad examples, of what not to be. To be a better man or woman doesn’t come from a neutrality of confirmatory and shutting down what it is to be either one, being different and having one enhance the other in it’s positive complementary nature is the goal in a society.
What is the necessary neutrality is that both males and females strive for being better human beings, rather than the destruction of the identity of what it is to be either one.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

“The thing about my hands and fingertips,….they were made for more than writing, fighting, and painting. They were meant to be used along with my heart to touch another with understanding and loves passion. To let the strength in them boldly soften upon the caress of the one that holds my heart, to show her that here in these hands she is safe and very much loved.
The thing about love is……it can be the hardest wished for and wanted item in ones life. One has to keep waiting and hoping though. I have had glimpses of what I have wanted, thought I held that most sought out for kind of love, well you learn from it. Knowing it’s out there brings a smile and frustration.
The thing about waiting is….it may seem like it takes forever, but once the wait is over, you’re only waiting to start loving them again tomorrow.”
“Hart’s Heart” by Ryan L. Rinehart