“To ensure that you can be happy with life, one must embrace all of the total sum of it. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, but most of all the love. Sometimes people just won’t embrace the love because they themselves feel or think themselves unworthy. That’s not a heart issue that’s a self image and mind issue. For love goes beyond fears and insecurities, it makes the daring dare, and doesn’t know how to quit. Loving some one can indeed be crazy if they are unsure of deserving such love and devotion. Give it time, for it can climb any mountain and cross any ocean, or when simply needed, it can stay put.”
“Clarity of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“Some people are not able to manifest their desires in such a way that they actual articulate and achieve them. I too, was once this way, believing that I had poured everything and did anything to have what I wished for. Like most, my efforts were lost in translation, a dialect deranged from all understanding. Until by chance, alignment came, and the cosmos spoke of purpose, like meteorites from the skies hitting the earth, my world rattled, and there she was. An angel born of trials and tribulations of her own bearing, a survivor, and her entire being beckoned my own. We manifested each other’s desires perfectly, even surpassing them to extreme fulfilment all the while in wonderment. Love was something I thought I had experience with, and now I am overjoyed, knowing all that came before, was just a shell, not close to what this is. Now my articulation is achieving my desires portrayed in touch, in thoughts, in deeds, in kiss, and in love.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

So as a humanist, you can’t just be on the sidelines and bitch about everything that’s wrong in the world and wish there was no war, your not a true humanist if you think that way. You’re a delusional loon if you think that way. A true humanist picks the side that is best suited for humanity, who seems to have the outlook and desire for humans to exell and prosper in a community of equality and exceptance and in a place for growth and change. So I ask you, if religion is such a place? Some are evolving, is Islam? I as humanist have looked at Islam and find no quality of life for equality for most people who live in America, who we’ve fought hard for equal rights. Sharia Law isn’t something that is for America. So as a humanist, you can’t defend Islam, you can’t stand on the sidelines and wish war wasn’t a thing, because it is a thing. As a humanist, you must know humanity and except that war is apart of being human and that there are things worth fighting for. Like the rights to be a free human being, free from terror, free from oppression, and possibly one day if ever possible, free from war. But it’s very doubtful. But we can wish. – Ryan L. Rinehart

“The thing is, you’ll never be to much of anything to someone who just can’t get enough of you. You’ll never be too over protective, too attached, too inquisitive, too grounded, too much of a dreamer, no, to the right some one, they’ll want all that and more.” “Affairs of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“Waiting for the right person is like waiting for fresh cookies to bake in the oven. Torturous but so worth the wait. To bad though the difference being you don’t know if the right person is actually getting ready to come to you. But in the mean time I guess grab a glass of milk and enjoy a fresh baked cookie.”
“Strait to Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“Let me wine and dine you with my articulation, let the meaning in my words resonate with such passion, so much so, that you’re the only one who escalates in its intoxication. An essence of enchantment that begs for attachment in mind, body and soul, let me do as I’ve said, let me curl your toes, break down those walls, feel how our thunderous heartbeats get to pounding in unison. Share the day, the night, into the next evening. You don’t need to say it aloud, I can hear you in a whisper, just dare me to show you what I mean, and damn will I do it and how.” “For the Love of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“There seems to be a problem with the understanding of what entails all that being a man is today. With the skewed notion that some how all men, or the majority of men are chauvinistic pig’s. Even more so that being masculine in today’s world means being all the mentioned above. However, the true definition of being masculine is having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness. While this seems to some as overbearing and dominate, it is actually being a stand up guy. Being responsible, having manners, being a protector, understanding the role of what being a gentleman is, and to top it a off, having the audacity to uphold a belief system based on such ideology. This doesn’t take away from women, it adds to them, as the male and female can empower and strengthen one another. We will never solve the problem with bad behavior on both sides of the sexes, however as roles get blurred, as lines get erased, as a section of society pushes for a gender neutrality, true identies are getting lost. We will always have human issues, we will always have different views, trying to conform to a state of sameness will just lead to more arduous behavior. This isn’t about who you love, or who you desire, or by sexual preference. It is about the role and identity of a decent human being that is a male. The distinction between what is masculine and feminine is a truth we all see, yet the masculine role is being viewed as inherently evil. Which is such a false and misleading and destructive connotation.
Since masculinity¬†is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles associated with boys and men, we need this murdering ideal of neutrality stopped and replaced by an empowering message. One that speaks volumes of what it actually takes to be a man. The traditional avenues for men to gain honor were providing for their families and exercising leadership, which still is a core necessity for any human to have, yet regardless of age or nationality, men more frequently rank good health, a harmonious family life and a good relationship with their spouse or partner as important to their quality of life. Not these bad examples we all are hearing as of late, the Hollywood corruption, along with the politicians scandals, these are all the opposite of being an actual man. So empower your son’s, brother’s, father’s, and friends, to be the example of what it is to be a man. There shouldn’t be any thing but a good man as an example for the rest of us men to look up to. And we shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of our male identity, or to argue or fight over the fact that some people view being male as with everything it seems today as the problem in our society. It’s the opposite, we need the true identity of what it is to be a man to re-merge. The protector, the gentleman, the example and empowerment of what a good human being is supposed to emulate.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

“Absolutes are never real, however, nothing is worth it if it isn’t making you happy. So get busy and focus on your own success and say to hell with the rest, cause you’ve got living to do and time doesn’t wait for nobody.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

“When someone wants you to fight for them but they themselves refuse to go the rounds, what does one do? Let the bell ring and the victory be called. There is no clear winner, just a split decision, so in reality, there is no winner at all. So it’s just another day to get back to the gym and train, live to fight another day.” “The Mending of Hart” by Ryan L. Rinehart