All these painted faces, shaded and contoured, brushed on beauty, with the skills of an artist to conceal or reveal what is or isn’t actually there. A painted face can be beautiful indeed, but a true beauty doesn’t need such a thing. I guess for me it’s always been about the natural girl, how seeing her freckles or flaws makes her more like me, closer to me, more real to me. Also in my opinion, when a natural beauty gets made up it can be breath taking as well, because there was already beauty there, there was already the self aware and self worth behind underneath there. I will always fall for the classic beauty, the simple perfections of being imperfect but with a sophistication that no beauty product could come close to convey, conceal, or in other words, I love a woman who is real.

“I am starting to think that there are some women who can’t handle having an attractive guy. Like they need ugly to look pretty next to!

  • Ryan L. Rinehart