“I don’t want to be your one that got away, but it’s not like you wanted me to stay. And I feel myself getting further away, day after day. I  didn’t want that goodbye, neither do I want it to say. It’s a goodbye, without any good in it and it feels like punishment for loving you this way. However, you may not say that I am the one that got away, today or any other day. Yet perhaps you will one day. One day, one hard for you day, maybe you’ll reach out for me, maybe I’ll say, I’ve been waiting to hear you say these words, and come what may I am here to stay and ask, why is there hell in hello and good in goodbye? And look deep in your eyes to hear your reply, and see what you say on that day.”

“Rinehart’s Poetry” by Ryan L. Rinehart

In her scars I found my stitches. That’s the thing I suppose that became the ties that bind between her and me. I knew her past, I knew her rough patches, her dark days and disasters, yet I too had been on the same paths. Appreciating the being broken and becoming self made. Life isn’t always easy, it will leave its mark, but without it I wouldn’t have found my stitches closing her scars.

Me and this old guitar. Hey we go back real far. Maybe we should head out to a local bar and see what kind of songs can come from these emotional scars.

Her lips must have contained a potion, some kind of concoction, because in one kiss I was lost and found to be hers alone.  Captured in a rapture, spellbound and delirious, all my selfishness was destroyed in one lip on lip event.

So after all that time and attention

You are now moving on but forgot to mention

That this love affair was just a fling

Silly me to think it would end in rings

The words you left in notes and in my ears

Well they’ve decayed and became my worst fears

Sad to say after that last call we didn’t talk after that day

Yes sad to say your words decay


What music does for the heart she did for my soul. Love notes in melodies, composed into symphonies, into sing a long plays, never a tragedy but triumphs for all to see. Her loving me was perfect lyrically, loving her back was the death of me, I was no longer who I used to be. Her, in her ways, sang to me, captured my essence and then changed me. We are two notes who fit together musically.

It just called to me, beckoning with one hand to come here and the other pointing right to me. So I ventured forth to see what it wanted and it grabbed me, it chained me down and here I have remained since. It’s name was writing and my shackles are the pen and paper that bound me forever. My blood is the ink that spews and spills upon the page, my heartbeats are the punctuation, and if you listen you can hear my soul whispering in the scroll. It was years ago that writer’s apparition entrapped me to this life, this death, this purgatory like existence. I cherish every minute of this experience, the causality of its effects. Forever I will be haunted undaunted to write and create, for when I was grabbed by the writer’s apparition, it sealed my fate. – Ryan L. Rinehart

“If you find a heart that understands yours you better hold on to that one for sure. Life shouldn’t be about material wealth but all about love and your health. True riches go beyond money to a place in Heaven where you can spend eternity with your honey. Don’t forget this acronym, L.I.F.E.- Love Is For Everyone, so become one with it, anything else is a sin. To know this and yourself is where your life will truly begin.”

– Ryan L. Rinehart



“Do you hear it – the cracking that’s happening inside my heart?

Can you smell it – the salty tears that are welling up behind my eyes?

Can you feel it – the withdrawal in my touch that hasn’t happened yet but it must?

Can you speak of it – the level of love that you are about to have lost?

Can you taste it – the hurt in my kiss that flavor of we must end this?

Can you stop all of this – or must I wish the only wish I could wish so you’ll hear, smell, taste and be able to feel and finally speak of what you are going to miss?

“Rinehart’s Poetry” by Ryan L. Rinehart

“I could sense in her all the things that inspired me. The love, the life, the art and the poetry. You would think that should somewhat scare me. But it doesn’t at all, it does the opposite, it sets me free. Thoughts of her fill my mind and flood my heart, she’s the world inside of my art. Like no other before and it seems all a dream, I’d give her my all, I’d give her everything. To be hers and in her arms would indeed be the biggest blessing.”

– Ryan L. Rinehart